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During the World War II Vincenzo De Bartolo, after studying in a professional school for cabinetmakers, starts working for the Air Force building aircraft fuselages in wood. The absolute accuracy, necessary for the activity and its almost maniacal precision, allows Vincenzo to acquire a complete knowledge of technics that ended the war led him to devote himself to furnitures.Its capacity is immediately clear and in 1954 he opened its own workshop. The peculiarity of the works performed and the fact that he focused mainly on the quality, leading to almost immediate growth of the small workshop, which continues to develop over time to become today a popular reality in home furnishings sector.


The company has performed works of particular importance for the University, various public institutions, ecclesiastical authorities, communities, shops, professional offices, banks, villas and apartments in Apulia and in other regions.

Everything is made with the integration of technology and computer, such as design software , design research, but with the final finishing of the work by hand finally, the various parts are assembled and polished.

Particular attention is given to safeguarding the environment and waste disposal.There is no way that this can be spoken of as a 'production line' these are all one-offs.

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